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GTC White Paper
Each time we make book a reservation and travel we enter our personal details and trust airlines, hotels and travel companies with our data. Our personal information travels with us, from server to sever, increasing the risk of hacks, stolen identities and data loss. ......GTC coins / GTC blockchain has the potential to solve this.


Think of mobile gadgets and POS devices that include a GTC blockchain with secured biometric data. GTC Blockchain can secure such data, so different parties can verify without accessing to it. This would eliminate the need of pulling out Passport, Driving Licenses, IDs which exposes personal and financial information every time we travel, buy a ticket, check in at the hotel or go through security at the airports. Think of a different type of hotel reservation or reception. When you arrive at the hotel, the receptionist verifies your reservation and gives your room key. With GTC blockchain, you would be able to receive a message or email with your room number, walk to the room and use your mobile device to verify your reservation and open the door at the same time. A GTC blockchain cam increase travel security, verifying the authenticity of the person passing through any checkpoint whether it's passport control or using a bus, plane or train ticket. .

GTC give the smart solution for you and your business.